Plans are under way for the 2016 Pantry To Plate Chefs’ Challenge

to take place on

September18, 2016

at the Winter Park Civic Center!

Pantry to Plate Chefs’ Challenge is a unique dining event that will test well-known chefs in Central Florida to prepare a gourmet four-course dinner by using ingredients found in JFS Orlando’s Pearlman Emergency Food Pantry.

The participating chefs will be judged on taste, presentation, and creativity. Our panel of celebrity judges won’t determine all the winners and a second award will be presented to the chef who receives the most votes from YOU, the event attendees. To wrap up this fun-filled evening, guests will be treated to an interactive dessert challenge. Each guest will get the chance to decorate their own delicious dessert!

It’s all about giving back at this flavorful event. All proceeds from Pantry to Plate Chefs’ Challenge will go to support the mission of JFS Orlando and the many services offered to the community.

Enjoy these recipes from last year’s challenge:

 Chef Kevin Fonzo’s 2015 P2P Judge’s Award Winning Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

Chef Isabella Morgia Di Vicari’s 2015 P2P People’s Choice Award Winning Chicken Meatball Recipe

Chef Ryan Vargas’ Grilled Mojo Chicken Recipe


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