Food Pantry Challenge:

Chefs have to prepare one dish inspired from ingredients found in the JFS Orlando’s Pearlman Emergency Food Pantry. A film crew will document the ‘shopping’ and prepping of their courses which will be shown on-screen at the event. Chefs chosen for this challenge will work with JFS’ catering team to execute their dish on the day of the event.

Challenge Rules:

Chefs are able to use any of the items from the food pantry.

1. Items in the recipe are those found in the food pantry.

2. Common oils, flour, sugar, herbs, and seasonings are exceptions.


Two categories: Judge’s Choice/Popular Choice

1. Judge’s Choice – Chefs will be judged on a 5 point scale for taste, appearance, and creativity.

2. Popular Choice – Awarded to the Chef who received the most votes from event attendants.